about noctu

Noctu is a family business founded by sisters Zoë and Milly Gale with roots in Bath, UK + Oslo, Norway. 

Inspired by Scandinavian simplicity and minimalist design, noctu’s ethos is to make beautiful and comfortable nightwear using the highest quality organic fabrics to the highest Fair Trade standards.

We are driven by sustainability and Fair Trade, and are proud that everything in our nightwear collection is made using 100% organic + Fairtrade® certified cotton. 

"We dedicated years to find the right manufacturer, it was so important that we found organic production that was also Fairtrade certified from seed to stitch."

Not only does our factory ensure equality, women empowerment and ongoing training programmes to include bonus schemes, but they are committed to helping those who have been affected by the chemicals and fertilisers used in growing crops by establishing a dedicated cancer hospital.

All of our nightwear is certified to the
Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) FairTrade® and SA8000 certified.

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